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As a domain hoarder, I was blown away by how DomainsG.PT gave an *incredible domain suggestion* right off the bat. Exciting to watch how AI gets infused in every product category and makes us all more creative.
This is what I was exactly doing today: using chatgpt to give me names and then manually checking each one on GoDaddy. Thanks for building this.
Less than 24 hours ago, was thinking why something like this isn’t there already. Something that is better than Namelix. And Steven drops it today :)
These domains were generated by Surprisingly good! Awesome work @steventey
Steven your work is incredible man! I just tried it out and it crafted the perfect domain for me. Went ahead and purchased a lifetime license and I’m super excited to dive in some more. Your work is inspiring!! Keep it up🙌🏻
I tried it last night, even before your announcement. It blew my mind 🤯
Man, I was searching for a name for my app for weeks, I just tested your app and found one 🤩
It's so addictive & interesting at the same time. Used all my free credit in one go by trying out different filters although I've already purchased the domain for my platform 😂 Good work @steventey 🔥🚀
I was looking to reserve a fake startup name for @tstfund and this helped immensely! A+
it generate really good name
@steventey it generate really good name
Found a domain yesterday using it for my next project! Great job Steven!

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